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Re: Bits from the FTPMaster meeting

On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 09:38 -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:

> I thought the nature of the problem was clear, but to be explicit:
> requiring binary uploads ensures that the package has been build-tested
> *somewhere* prior to upload, and avoids clogging up the buildds with
> preventable failures (some of which will happen only at the end of the
> build, which may tie up the buildd for quite a long time).  The larger
> number of ports compared to Ubuntu has the effect that the ports with the
> lowest capacity are /more likely/ to run into problems as a result of such
> waste, and as Debian only advances as fast as the slowest supported port,
> this holds up the entire distribution.

Well, I was assuming a couple of things I guess.

Firstly, that if there are two successive uploads of a package, P and
P', where P is badly damaged, and P' is uploaded before an overloaded
architecture starts to build P, then P is never attempted on that
overloaded architecture.

Secondly, that we can also cut all the builds for a package which fails
on its first architecture.


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