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Re: Bug#553936: FTBFS with binutils-gold

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > What is a MBF?
> mass bug filing.

> > I am not sure but do you think that it is a good way to link against a
> > library without specify that you link against it?
> The question is not about what I think. The question is whether it's
> reasonable to expect A LOT of packages to be modified to accomodate
> this.

This is way it is currently not marked as serious. It doesn't affect the 
release of the next debian version, but all these things could break in the 
future. I am willing to gather more informations in the wiki but currently 
don't know how.

> Could you provide some numbers on the:
> - packages that FTBFS with binutils-gold
> - packages that FTBFS with binutils-gold because of --no-add-needed by
>   default
>   ?

I have only build some packages. I have currently following numbers:

50 Packages break
555 Packages work (without arch all)

As you can see I have only data for about 7% of all packages so I cannot make 
a real forecast how many packages are real affected. If you want to 
extrapolate the data (real bad extrapolation) about 700 packages of around 
14000 source packages in Debian would break. I am currently hoping that they 
are less than that. Some packages in the statistics seems to be also broken 
with the current ld - avifile seems to be one of them. The author is currently 
waiting for a sponsor to fix that problem.

To illustrate the problem:
 exe -> liba -> libb

exe gets linked against liba, but actual need symbols from libb. It works in 
the case of the old GNU ld because it loads all libraries in that dependency 
graph until it finds the symbols. This seems to be ok unless liba gets 
modified and doesn't link anymore against libb. In this case the compilation 
stops during the linker run.

Keep in mind that these bugs aren't release critical, but the maintainer and 
upstream should know about these problems. Maybe I could reduce the problem of 
all bugs to minor.

About the usertags? Is there a special format in which they should be? And a 
maintainer asked for a wiki entry at 
http://wiki.debian.org/qa.debian.org/FTBFS but I am not allowed to change that 
patch - and I am sure that I shouldn't be allowed to edit it.

Best regards,

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