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Re: Bits from the FTPMaster meeting

On Sunday 15 November 2009, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> dpkg v3 source format, compression
> ----------------------------------
> As many already noticed, our archive now additionally supports 3.0
> (quilt) and 3.0 (native) source package formats.  You can use either
> gzip as usual or bzip2 for the compression within the binary packages -
> and now also for the source files. We do not support lzma as a
> compressor, as the format is already dead again. After squeeze we will
> probably add support for its successor, xz.

Is there a policy for the use of bzip2?

As discussed earlier bzip2 is *much* slower that gzip and really hurts on 
slower arches and systems, so I'd suggest that - especially for binary 
packages - gzip should remain the default for all normal cases and bzip2 
should reserved for cases where there is a really significant size 

> source-only uploads
> -------------------
> The current "winning" opinion is to go with the source+throw away
> binaries route.  We are close to being able to achieve this, it is
> simply that it has not yet been enabled.

I fully agree with that, but like to request that exceptions are allowed
in special cases.

Main use case I have is kernel udebs where it is sometimes necessary to 
upload udebs to unstable built from a kernel version in testing. Our own 
build methods support that, but it would get undone by a rebuild.

Our build method also ensure that all uploads are based on the same kernel 
version, something that's much harder to ensure when it's left to the 

> The extra source case
> ---------------------
> This issue is the one traditionally known as the linux-modules-extra
> problem but also exists for some compiler packages and in the past
> existed for things such as apache2-mpm-itk and so is a more general
> problem.  It exists where a package needs to use source from another
> package in order to build.

And kernel udebs.

> We intend to fix this by introducing a way of packages declaring that
> they were Built-Using a certain source package,version and then tracking
> that to ensure that the sources are kept around properly.



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