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Bug#557892: RFH: hfsprogs -- mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I would kindly request assistance with maintaining the hfsprogs package,
which is a pair of programs for mkfs and fsck for HFS/HFS+ filesystems.

The package is developed by Apple, but only a small fraction of the
package is actually used. The current packages in Debian use source code
from Apple's MacOS X 10.4 version (codenamed Tiger).

The original patches adapting things to Linux that I got were monolithic
and I cleaned them up, broken them up (for ease of future work) and
were ported forward against some 5 or 6 (I forgot how many) upstream
releases, but still in the 10.4.x branch of their filesystem.

Now, things are getting cleaner and I have started porting the patches
against the first MacOS X 10.5 version, and most of the patches are
already appliable against that version (with the exception of one

The package has no bugs in its current version, has no lintian
warnings/errors (when using a new lintian version) and is packaged with
format "3.0 (quilt)".

In other words, it is in a mostly sane situation, but as is a tautology,
things can be improved.

There are some things to do and I would kindly appreciate some help with
the forward porting the patches.

The package long description:

|  The HFS+ file system used by Apple Computer for their Mac OS is
|  supported by the Linux kernel.  Apple provides mkfs and fsck for
|  HFS+ with the Unix core of their operating system, Darwin.
|  .
|  This package is a port of Apple's tools for HFS+ filesystems.
|  .
|  For users, HFS+ seems to be a good compromise to carry files between
|  MacOS X and Linux Machines, as HFS+ doesn't suffer the problems of
|  FAT32 like:
|  .
|   * huge space waste (in slack space as devices grow faster);
|   * ability to create files that are more than 4GB in size (especially
|     good for those working with multimedia and that need to carry large
|     ISO files);
|   * ability to use case preserving (and even sensitivity!);
|   * ability to use uid's and gid's on the filesystem.
|  .
|  Users in general can enjoy such benefits since it is expected to have
|  more HFS+ filesystems in use, as Apple has announced Macintoshes for
|  ix86-64, besides the filesystem being already supported by PowerPC
|  systems since the beginning.


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