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Re: -fPIC, libraries, and overriding a lintian error

Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto@connexer.com> writes:

> In the process of preparing a new oprofile package with a fix for
> #537744, I have encountered a peculiar situation.  The fix recommended
> by the submitter is to link statically against /usr/lib/libbfd.a, rather
> than dynaimcally against -lbfd.  However, doing that results in the
> following lintian error:

Isn't that a bug in binutils for not having a proper SONAME and
SOVERSION for libbfd?

If you need to link libbfd statically then you need to get binutils to
provide a libbfd-pic package containing a libbfd-pic.a that is
compiled with -fPIC. Otherwise, as you noticed, non i386 archs will
fail to link.


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