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Re: Bug#554694: FTBFS with binutils-gold

Sune Vuorela wrote:
#reassigning and retitling back
reassign 554694 src:goldendict
found 554694 0.9.0+svn404-1
retitle 554694  FTBFS with binutils-gold

Hi, Peter.

Goldendict are built by qt4-qmake. I think that You should report
about such projects in qt4-qmake package, because just qt4-qmake
generates linker call command. I think that it is the same as packages
which are under automake/autoconf.

There is no magic behind neither qmake nor autotools. They only link what they are told to link.

But only because qt4-qmake in Debian is patched to not follow library dependency chains when linking. I think that's the right thing to do and that this isn't qmake's bug, but it's disingenuous to imply qmake is not at fault at all when there is a conscious design decision behind it.

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