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Re: Debian means 'closer to Windows'?

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Marek Artur Penther schrieb:
> When Debian started to mean 'closer to windows'?
> I want to use Debian, because I love this OS, but developers cutting this love 
> by abadoning i386 arch. Sorry, but Windows making bigger minimal requirments, 
> and not Debian. And now it's changed?
> And this new minimal requirments making my computer completly obsolete?
> It's madness!
> Even Windows 7 don't making my computer completly obsolete, and Debian 6.0 
> making it.
> I can't understand. Do you want to better then Microsoft?
> So why you cutting me from our community?
> P.S. I wanted to start donating Debian, but now I'll rather start donating 
> thing which I hate from bottom of heart - Microsoft!
> Why you doing this to me and others?

First at all:
Why are you trying to forcing us (the mailinglist readers) to send you a
reading notification? This is realy bad.. Disable it.

To your post:
Who said that we try to mess ourself with Windows or that we want to be
closer to Windows? It is Linux, not Windows.
Also I do not understand your requirements, do you have got references?
And "who" is "cutting" you from the community?

Sorry but your post seems to be a little trolling like..

If you are happy with Windows, use it, if not, use another system with
that you are happy.

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 Patrick Matthäi
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we were maybe wrong.
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