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Re: Debian means 'closer to Windows'?

Dear Marek,

On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 04:53:45PM +0000, Marek Artur Penther wrote:
> When Debian started to mean 'closer to windows'?
> I want to use Debian, because I love this OS, but developers cutting this love 
> by abadoning i386 arch. Sorry, but Windows making bigger minimal requirments, 
> and not Debian. And now it's changed?
> And this new minimal requirments making my computer completly obsolete?
> It's madness!
> Even Windows 7 don't making my computer completly obsolete, and Debian 6.0 
> making it.

You seem to be having some trouble with your Debian installation,
which is making it slow (to the best of my understanding). It would
make it easier for us to help you if you could focus on the problems
you are facing, and mail about it to the debian-user list, where
people can offer suggestions and workarounds.

I have been using Debian GNU/Linux for years, and have had the
opposite experience. On most machines I have installed Debian on, it
has performed much faster than Microsoft Windows, and all of these
were i386 machines. The minimum requirements are fairly low as well.

> I can't understand. Do you want to better then Microsoft?
> So why you cutting me from our community?

We are not cutting you from our community. Please bring your problems
to the Debian users' list, and you will most likely get sound advice
on how to resolve your problems with Debian GNU/Linux.

HTH, and thanks.

Kumar Appaiah

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