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Re: Anjal package needs RPATH, which is considered an error

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 04:17:57PM +0800, Li, Yan wrote:
> Dear List,
> I'm facing an issue when packaging the Anjal [1] mail client for
> Debian.
> Anjal is another GUI front-end for Evolution designed for small form
> factor devices. So naturally Anjal depends upon many .so libraries in
> the Evolution package. But those .so libraries is considered private
> by Evolution so they are installed in /usr/lib/evolution/2.28. To use
> them Anjal is built by using RPATH that point to
> /usr/lib/evolution/2.28, and this is considered by lintian to be an
> error (it was warning before).
> Evolution upstream developers don't agree to move those Evolution .so
> libraries into /usr/lib since they are private, should not be used by
> other programs and there's no intention to maintain a stable API of
> them. Anjal is considered a part of Evolution project so the API
> between Anjal and Evolution will be maintained by Evo upstream.
> So any suggestions on how can I package Anjal for Debian and use the
> .so files in the evolution package?
> My idea is to create symlinks of those libraries in
> /usr/lib/anjal/0.1/
> so Anjal won't need to use RPATH that point to
> /usr/lib/evolution/2.28/.
> Though I'm not sure if this is a clean way.

Why not put a lintian override ? Your explanation sounds like a good
reason to me.


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