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Re: binutils-gold and symbols files

Peter Fritzsche wrote:
> Michael Biebl wrote:
>> As I received a couple of bug reports today about packages FTBFS, I
>>  installed binutils-gold and tried to compile a few of my packages with it.
>> What I noticed is, that every package with symbols file, produced a lintian
>> error, as binutils-gold added new symbols, the most common one was
>> end@base
>> What's the reason for those additional symbol(s) with binutils-gold?
> This is an open problem reported as #553435 (see also forwarded bug). I 
> haven't received any updates to this problem(?) yet. I will post information 
> about that inside the bug report if I receive anything useful from the author.

Apart from the addition end@base symbol, binutils-gold also doesn't seem to
honor the -export-symbols-regex linker flag, which is most likely the cause for
the other additional symbols I see.

Is this a known issue? If not, could you please forward that to upstream.


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