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Re: GDM, getty and VTs

On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 12:29:33 +0100, Thilo Six wrote:

> Christian Perrier wrote the following on 15.11.2009 07:13
> > Not considering the technical backgorund (which is of course an easy
> > stance), it could be really interesting to have *by default* the
> > default X session on tty1, when a display manager is used, and
> > something like 2 other console sessions on tty2 and tty3.
> That would break *all* "How to fix my broken X11" on the net. Really bad
> especial for those who need them most - newbees.
> ALT-CTRL-F7 is somewhat of a standard.
It's already broken on fedora, at least.  So if it's a standard, it's a
dying one.


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