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Re: Cross compiler ITP (armel)

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org> writes:

> On Mon, Nov 02, 2009, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> If gcc maintainers agree include a dummy gcc-source-armel package with
>> Depends: gcc-source (= 1.2-3). That way the cross build package will
>> require the right source. It ensures they always enter/leave testing
>> as a pair.
>  I think that would be better done in the cross toolchain package
>  instead.

That was the idea. When building the cross toolchain package it
Build-Depends on gcc-source and then builds both a armel-linux-gnu-gcc
and a gcc-source-armel package with the correct Depends entry.

Since the cross toolchain depends on binutils, glibc and gcc a better
name is probably cross-toolchain-source-armel and a Depends on all 3
source debs. But the idea is the same. The Build-Depends is stuffed
into a Depends and the DAK (and other tools) already knows how to take
care of that. And it will always match exactly the specific versions
used to actualy build the binaries.

>  However, I do not like the idea of enforcing GPL requirements with
>  exact version in the cross toolchain when the archive doesn't support
>  it for any package yet.  I think pointing at a snapshot.debian.net

Every single GPL package in Debian does have this through its source
package. It is only the special case of the cross toolchain that
breaks it. The dummy package with Depends is a simple way to ensure
GPL compliance without having to change the DAK to track Build-Depends
all of a sudden.

If/when the DAK can track Build-Depends: gcc-source itself, and I
don't see how the DAK should know what gcc-source the buildd actualy
did use, the dummy package could be dropped again. But till then the
extra package doesn't hurt. It is tiny and trivial to generate.

>  alike service providing all versions of all sources which have ever
>  been in Debian unless they can't be redistributed is a better way of
>  solving the source compliance problem and it would actually solve it in
>  the cross toolchain case as well.

That does not solve the problem for any distributor, esspecially
CD/DVD images. If you do not ship the source with the binary then you
need to give a written 3 year garanty for the source or pass one
along. Debian does not give that so distributors can not pass it
along. And you can not expect them to mirror snapshot.debian.net.


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