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Re: Debian means 'closer to Windows'?

Quoting Marek Artur Penther (marekpenther@aol.com):
> When Debian started to mean 'closer to windows'?
> I want to use Debian, because I love this OS, but developers cutting this love 
> by abadoning i386 arch. Sorry, but Windows making bigger minimal requirments, 
> and not Debian. And now it's changed?

There have been many answers to your concern, but most of them sent
only in the mailing list, as you didn't explicitely requested to be
CC'ed to answers (the policy in Debian mailing list is to not CC
individuals to answers except when requested).

These aswers were, in short:  what makes you think this? There has
been no intent to drop the i386 architecture. Have you had trouble
with a recent installation and could you give us details about this?

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