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Re: Bug#554694: FTBFS with binutils-gold

Dmitry E. Oboukhov wrote:
> reassign 554694 qt4-qmake
> retitle 554694 qt4-qmake generates a makefile which is incompatible with binutils-gold
> thanks
> Hi, Peter.
> Goldendict are built by qt4-qmake. I think that You should report
> about such projects in qt4-qmake package, because just qt4-qmake
> generates linker call command. I think that it is the same as packages
> which are under automake/autoconf.
> You buried me with the same bugs, but only one really touched my
> package. I think You should find out which specific a package has a bug
> before submit bugreports.
> For example: fluxbox is built with autotools. goldendict is built with
> qt4-qmake. Do You suggest me to patch all these packages?

The bugs reported for GNOME packages were right, and the packages use autoconf,
so your argument doesn't sound right. If you're missing -l options for the
linker, that's not something autofoo will put in the Makefile if you don't tell
it first.


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