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Re: Clarify rationale for ‘debian/rules’ shebang line

> | === modified file 'policy.sgml'
> | --- policy.sgml 2009-10-21 20:49:37 +0000
> | +++ policy.sgml 2009-10-31 00:59:18 +0000
> | @@ -1725,7 +1725,10 @@
> |         <p>
> |           It must start with the line <tt>#!/usr/bin/make -f</tt>,

[Tollef Fog Heen]
> This should probably also be changed to allow «#! /usr/bin/make -f»
> too.  There's no reason to mandate one particular style of hashbangs.

Why not?  Honestly, it's no more arbitrary than the restriction we
already have.  If the VDR people can live with having to use
#!/usr/bin/make -f instead of their trivial wrapper, you can live with
the inability to use a space after the #!.

The VDR people already said the _only_ behavior difference with their
wrapper script happens if you pass a magic nonstandard environment
variable.  That's the sort of thing you can't do by accident, only if
you're following specific instructions.  By forbidding this, what
problem are we solving?  Seems purely aesthetic to me.  Just like
whether or not to put a space after #!.

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