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Re: Build logs from local builds

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> (11/11/2009):
> my gut feeling (but maybe I start to sound like a broken disk) is
> that most “FTBFS” and RC bugs that stay unfixed are more the
> signature of abandonned packages than sloppy maintainers.

Abandoned packages may start to FTBFS due to changes in their

Packages that are uploaded nowadays and that fail to build
*everywhere* because of missing *trivial* Build-Depends (think
autofoo, pkg-config, libstuff-dev when the package is stuff-related,
etc.) would rather make me think about sloppy maintainers. I can
understand that it can happen to anyone now and then, but when that
happens often, it seems to confirm the “sloppy” hypothesis.

(I can share some pointers if you like, I'm not that much into
pointing fingers publically. At least right now.)


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