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Re: Bug#554694: FTBFS with binutils-gold


6 листопада 2009 о 09:32 +0300 Dmitry E. Oboukhov написав(-ла):
> Goldendict are built by qt4-qmake. I think that You should report
> about such projects in qt4-qmake package, because just qt4-qmake
> generates linker call command. I think that it is the same as packages
> which are under automake/autoconf.
It looks like your package uses Xlib directly and does not links with
it. IMHO it is not qmakes fault, it cannot know what libraries your
package needs, its work is to link with Qt. Other libraries should be
specified additionaly.

> You buried me with the same bugs, but only one really touched my
> package. I think You should find out which specific a package has a bug
> before submit bugreports.
> For example: fluxbox is built with autotools. goldendict is built with
> qt4-qmake. Do You suggest me to patch all these packages?
IMHO that is the right thing to do.

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

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