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Re: dir-or-file-in-var-www on single-HTML file web "apps" or the like

On Tue, Nov 03, 2009 at 02:54:48PM -0800, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
> > Reading ?5.3 of the above link, I wonder whether the following solution
> > would be appropriate:
> > 
> > - ship under /etc/apache2/conf.d/ a snippet with an Alias dir mapping
> >   the package name to a dir containing the static content (a single html
> >   file, usually)
> > - add an index.html -> file.html symlink in that dir
> We have webservers other than Apache.

and many of these other web servers provide a feature similar to Alias.
with respect to those that don't, it's been previously discussed and
deemed okay for them not to work out of the box, which is a relatively
small cost for the benefit of FHS compliance and general safety/sanity.


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