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Dependencies of early boot scripts

Dear developers,

recently I discovered a case where an early boot script depends on
a much later boot script, yet it is present in any standard install.

I have filed this as a bug report #556661 against console-tools,
but would appreciate to see a statement as to the acceptance of
this neglect of dependencies. I pesonally find it flawed.

In this particular case

    /etc/rcS.d/S05keymap.sh    (from console-tools)

depends on the presence of a file system below /usr/.
This is by now means granted until


has been executed. Thus it may happen that the console is left
initialized beyond the kernel default setting of character set.
Since the Debian defaults for the kernel package were indeed
altered when moving from 2.6.18 in Etch to 2.6.26 in Lenny,
an annoying console malfunction has arisen in that time span.
The default charset went from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8, so some
people would argue that the behaviour was broken earlier on,
and was remedied whith the move to Lenny!

With the best of intentions

   Mats Erik Andersson

(I hope you will use CC-mailing to my address. Thank you.)

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