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Re: Distro baseada en DEBIAN====Distribuicion basada en DEBIAN === Distro Based DEBIAN

Hi , 

First of all check for any proprietary data you have in your system and see if 
you have to include their licenses. Unless this is the case deliver the debian 
package4 common-licenses with your distribution this way you can be sure that 
most of the possible violation can be avoided. Also make the source 
repopsitories avaiable also so that you are compliant to the GPL and GPL'alike 
Licenses. Im not sure about chrome but I guess its free too.

I saw in  the  video that you are using graphics drivers in your distribution 
if they aren't free please provide their licenses aswell. If you can package 
the drivers and make the licenses in a file COPYING under the 
/usr/share/<driver-package-name>/ directory aswell as the usual suspects such 
as Changelog etc. So make sure lintian and dpkg-build package don't have any 

For the translation issues please see if you can syndicate with the debian 
locales files they are mostly avaiable and tested. If not ask the KDE 
developers for their translation files and add them to your own packages if 

If you are clear off these problems please post a link for testing.


Andreas Marschke.

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