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Re: Cross compiler ITP (armel)

On 02.11.2009 00:00, Ben Hutchings wrote:
On Sun, 2009-11-01 at 23:14 +0100, Hector Oron wrote:

   I would like to do a little explanation on the ITP I have filled for

   These set of packages provide a cross toolchain for armel targets to
be built on i386 and amd64 platforms (maybe ppc could be added)

   In order to avoid code duplication in the archive, this packages
build depend on -source packages.

At present, there is nothing that will ensure that the binary packages
you build are released along with the packages containing their actual
source.  It would therefore require manual attention to ensure that we
meet the source distribution requirements of the GPL, which the FTP team
really hates having to do.

Until the FTP team implements a means of automatically recording some
build-dependencies and the versions actually used as additional source
dependencies, and ensuring that these source dependencies are satisfied
within each release, you should not use this approach.

I disagree. It's not worse than the current scheme splitting up GCC uploads into three different source packages, forced by the release team.


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