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Re: binutils-gold and symbols files

On Fri, 06 Nov 2009, Peter Fritzsche wrote:
> The output of `ld -v 2` is "GNU gold (GNU Binutils for Debian 2.20) 1.9". So 
> it will catch the 1.9 here and just say "hey, i am sure that you are evil".... 
> which is of course wrong. So auto* stuff must be updated here. I will create a 
> bug for libtool.

One is supposed to use Debian libtool, instead of whatever crap
(non-libtool) upstream added to the tarball, and this has been true for many
years, now.

Still, policy doesn't mandate that Debian libtool be used, and it will take
about 15 years or so to get all packages updated if you go the "let it
filter upstream" way ;-)

If that's a major problem for a complete switch to -gold, you may want to
keep that in mind.  Maybe we could mandate that all packages be
re-libtoolized before build, using Debian libtool... but I fear that will be
quite a lot of trouble.

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