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Re: Build logs from local builds

On 2009-11-11 09:42:25 +0100, Michal Čihař wrote:
> Sandro Tosi <morph@debian.org> napsal(a):
> > As a personal note, as one of those unlucky people with a very slow
> > network connection: if binary packages built by maintainer have to be
> > discarded, than *please* allow a way to actually not upload them.
> > 
> > I'm in favor of let the buildds generate binaries for all the arch
> > (even the one the maintainer used to build the package locally), but
> > having to wait a long time to upload a set of .debs and then see them
> > discarded it quite uncomfortable, and a waste of time, disk space and
> > bandwidth.
> On the other side it prevents uploading unbuildable packages.

That depends on how you define "unbuildable".
I'm an Ubuntu dev who tries to minimize Ubuntu's FTBFS list from
imported Debian packages. True most packages on this list FTBFS due to
different toolchain and other reasons, but some also due to missing
build-depends. And my feeling is that I've seen missing build-depends
more often on arch:all packages than on arch:any ones.

So while a package builds for the maintainer, it might fail for any
other DD (e.g. Debian QA people or archive rebuilds). Do you consider
this package "unbuildable" or not?

Not to mention those cyclic build-depends which I often
see on java packages. One such example is cup which build-depends on
version of cup which got uploaded. Without source-only uploads the
maintainer doesn't need to care how to bootstrap this.


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