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Re: Build logs from local builds

Adam Majer wrote:
> People are lazy and like myself don't want to sync pbuilder and
> related stuff every time I want to upload something. Since my box is
> rarely up to date, this can result in dependencies lagging
> somewhat compared to official buildd. I generally don't check for any
> build-depends problems anyway with pbuilder unless buildd chokes.

And so you put the problem on the shoulders of the buildd admins. Sorry, but
that behaviour makes me choke. I've CCed DAM as this behaviour is absolutely not
acceptable for DDs.

> And for the Arch:all packages? I guess no check for this with lazy
> maintainer.
> So how do I compare with the other maintainers? Or do all maintainers
> run pbuilder religiously for each upload?

Thats what they're required to do and what we tell new developers.

> The requirement not allowing source only uploads is childish at best -
> it treats DD as children that can't check their packages compile on
> their own box.

No. Even DDs make mistakes and requiring to build packages in a clean chroot
before uploading them is a *very* good way to avoid a lot of annoying bugs.

> I'm all in favour of removing uploaded binaries. But also allow source
> only uploads.

No way. At least to stop people like you who prefer to let the buildd admins do
*your* work.

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