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Re: GDM, getty and VTs

I think the problem only happens for desktop startup.

Say you _don't_ start X at boot, this is what happens:
- 6 ttys are occupied
- startx will use the next free tty7, which is what I expect if I don't
  specify vt to X.
In this case dynamic allocation is good.

Say instead you have *dm at startup: I think in this case dynamic allocation
is not good, because it means X could be started on vt1, vt2, ... Actually
on vt2.

This is my proposal: I'd say to start X in a fixed tty _only_ when X is started
at boot, in all other cases the tty will be chosen dynamically as next free
or by whatelse policy.
Of course, if the fixed tty is already in use, then it will use the next
free; but that's not our case I think.
The problem is: how to use a fixed-configurable tty "only at boot time"?

I think this is the best compromise. I don't know if my English was clear

Best regards,

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