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Re: Cross compiler ITP (armel)

Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
>   I would like to do a little explanation on the ITP I have filled for
> {linux,binutils,eglibc,gcc-4.3,gcc-4.4,gdb}-armel.
>   These set of packages provide a cross toolchain for armel targets to
> be built on i386 and amd64 platforms (maybe ppc could be added)
>   In order to avoid code duplication in the archive, this packages
> build depend on -source packages.
>   As major technical issues,  I would try to build cross compilers
> with --sysroot support, but that means dpkg-cross need to be updated
> for sysroot paths. For now, we might take the road we have been doing
> at emdebian.org (for many years) and start changing bits towards a
> nice sysrooted solution.
>   Please, let me know if you need farther explanations on some topics
> or if you have any comment.
> Kind regards,

Why do you need --sysroot support? Or what prevents a --sysroot of /
when using the multiarch directories?

It seems like wasted work with multiarch being a release goal for
squeeze. Hop on the wagon and make it work for you too.


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