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981115 jensen/resc1440.bin image bad? AlphaServer 2000 Alphastation 200 and debian Applixware for Alpha! As i suspected, unaligned access Booting problem Broken gnome chown() problem in cp also Re: comments on Debian Alpha HOWTO Re: Comments on installation (boot-floppies 981115, mirror 981120) cron_3.0pl1-47.deb not a plain file Dealing with unaligned accesses Debian on a jensen.. No SCSI? Debian on the Alpha Disappearance of some packages? dpkg/lchown and 2.0.3[0-4] kernels Re: dpkg problems. Am I alone? egcs-1.1.1 Release (fwd) egcs g++ compile error or what egcs on alpha Fast Math Libraries? Re: a few test results Re: a few test results (identd fix) Free stuff!! Merry Xmas Re: The freeze and binary-alpha fwd [XFree86 available, and help wanted] glibc 2.0.7v-1 (source package) issues with alpha Glibc? Patch or not? gmc Gnome isn't building Gnome problem being fixed Hi there ! Hi there! Hows Alphadebian doing? how to use Nikita's MILO? #ifdef ALPHA? Installing MILO for SRM boot Internal Compiler errors with -mieee ipfwadm: setsockopt failed: Invalid argument Is there a problem with 981115/root1440.bin? I can't find /dev/scd0. Is there a problem with non-free and contrib?? Jensen Installation Re: Jensen installation (was: 981115 jensen/resc1440.bin image bad?) Jensen installation (was: 981115 jensen/resc1440.bin image bad?) A known problem ? lchown/dpkg was dead, but I killed it again! libapache-mod-perl needs to be updated looking into smail and unaligned accesses LX164 disks MILO? milo for alphaserver 400 4/233 MILO hangs on startup more dbuild results Multia Disk Crash Multia items new FAQ !! New PCMCIA packages to test... nonus & Alpha Offer to assist in testing Package installation can't chown symlinks? Re: Packages difference in different slink arches (was Re: slinkcd v0.95 m68k & Alpha organization) Re: partition counting for Alpha Partitioning HD for install Re: [PATCHES] glibc 2.1, Linux, and chown Patch for unaligned access in smail Please help test "xcin" on Alpha. :-) Problems installing on a "Mikasa" system Ramdisk for Jensen Re: Requesting a naming convention for releases Serial line problems Serial port problem on axppci33 setfont on alpha (UDB) SRM-Boot with unstable kernels Thanks to all the MILO hackers... Unaligned trap in smail... Unidentified subject! URL for more dbuild results volume control? wdm and keyboard problems who compiled mutt, and where? X11 manpages? X on 4/233, which mouse device/driver, Matrox Millenium setup The last update was on 14:28 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 239 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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