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more dbuild results

I've now got a lot more build results from dbuild (1286 packages).
Still working on the others.

As requested, I've included a list of all packages in the separate
sections (failed, successful, ignored and wrongarch) as well as the
standard breakdown by first letter. I've also included a list of all
packages regardless of whether they failed, succeeded, etc, to make it
easier to find a package.

For the successful packages, I've run a script using grep against them
to look for a couple of obvious problems. It shows quite a few
packages have these problems. I can easily add other checks against
theses packages if anyone emails them to me.

I've not checked most of the recent failed packages for why they
failed (too busy at work), but I will do this in the new year and
include the notes in the screen listing the packages as already occurs
for some of them.

Also, in the new year I expect the complete the main section and
start on the non-free, contrib and non-US sections.

Once again, a reminder that this is not an attempt to automate the
build process, but to show what problems occurs with the standard
source code when someone tries to build it as will occur if they
download the source.

On a different subject. On my main page is a cgi script called ALT
which uses an index of local ftp servers (specified in a config file,
so they can be non-local as well). A cron job is used to compile the
list daily. I've been thinking of making a Debian package of this (it
needs a some work before I can do this - I've already patched it
several times). Does anyone think there would be any interest in


Note: I will be out of contact until after the new year, but the
server should still be available most of the time (if it goes down,
it redials on a three hourly basis).
Thomas Behrndt

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