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Re: Comments on installation (boot-floppies 981115, mirror 981120)

Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> writes:

> > already mounted and not that it will be mounted. "cdrom" should be its 
> I NEVER use the "cdrom" entry, because it is Evil; it processes each and
> every .deb on the cdrom, even if it isn't needed, and hence is bloody
> slow. This is the most common complaint I hear from people who install
> Debian for the first time. When I tell them to use the "mountable"
> method, they ask why that isn't standard... I can't tell them :-(

??? So from a mountable medium it will only process the deb files
needed? For cdrom or mounted filesystems it does a "dpkg -iGROEB
<dist>", which IS evil. Thats one of the main reasons why I use apt
even if I search for a package. (search for it in dselect and install
it with apt :).

> BTW, it would be simple for the boot-floppies procedure to add an entry
> to /etc/fstab for the cdrom. It asked me about the cdrom during the
> first phase (twice!), so it should know what the device is. It is
> apparently capable of adding /usr etc. partitions to the /etc/fstab, so
> why not /cdrom ?

Try to mount it to /target/cdrom after / has been mounted to /target
(mkdir /target/cdrom first). Then its able to create an entry.
The "Mount filesystem" should be able to mount cdroms even though it
can't scan for them. Also it should have some options to make
partitions user mountable, noexec,... An nfs mount would also be
greate. To bad dinstall isn't a shell script anymore. :(

> Paul Slootman

May the Source be with you.

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