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Multia items

I've received a replacement multia and have been running
Debian/Linux quite successfully.  However, the info to boot
into NT was (obviously) lost in the transition, and my feeble
stabs in the dark to try to find one which works have been
to no avail.  If someone could email me the content of the
vars associated with their NT boot, I'd be eternally grateful.

On a secondary, unrelated question - has anyone had luck
with ssh (1.2.26)?  An strace shows mine hanging at the
time(NULL) call, just after logging 'initializing random seed'.
I also see /dev/rtc errors during boot, the pair of which I
believe to be related.  RTC support is compiled into the
kernel, and the only other recommendations I've seen have
been to try the latest development kernel.  I did so (2.1.129)
but to no avail.  Any ideas?*

Aaaaaah, while I'm jotting up a list of things....
	<ducks quickly> :)
<shift><page up> does not work for reviewing the video
buffer.  What deity must I invoke in the kernel to enable
such a feat?  I'm currently compiling w/ frame buffer / tga
console support.

Lastly, visiting debian's mailing list archive page with gzilla
results in a floating point violation.  I will file a bug report on
this in the morning.

Thank you,

* - I experienced the same thing on my previous multia,
so it can't be hardware.  I've recompiled numerous times
(whenever egcs is updated) as well, w/ optimizations on
and off, but only to revisit the same result...

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