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Re: As i suspected, unaligned access

>>>>> "OL" == Oscar Levi <elf@buici.com> writes:

    OL> is a structure member.  The last member of the hash table is a
    OL> pointer that is misaligned.  Oddly, the first byte of the
    OL> malloc'd structure is also misaligned.  I would expect malloc
    OL> to return a pointer to 64 bit aligned data on the alpha.  How
    OL> am I supposed to handle this?

  *boggle* malloc(3) should *always* return a naturally aligned
block. smail doesn't happen to ship with it's own memory allocator,
does it? Alternatively, could it be allocating a larger chunk of
memory and then splitting it up inside the program into multiple
structures? If you can't get it to work any other way, try using


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