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Re: 981115 jensen/resc1440.bin image bad?

On Sat, 5 Dec 1998, ESP wrote:

// Hello.  I'm a devoted Debian i386 user who recently came into
// possession of an old AXP 150 machine.  I'm trying to install Debian on 
// the darn thing, but I'm running into problems.

The last I was aware, the Jensen (AXP 150) was unable to load Linux from
ARC.  You had to boot into SRM and load from there.  I hope this is not
the case anymore (PLEASE someone tell me I'm wrong, so I can start booting
from ARC/MILO on the Jensen at work =-), but you have to get a particular
kernel, then use minlabel.exe and copykern.exe to set up the drive for
booting. They should still be in the ftp site at ftp.azstarnet.com in
/pub/linux/axp/jensen/install.  There's a HOWTO for the Jensen in there
too, though it is somewhat old.

Chris A
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