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Re: MILO hangs on startup

Jean-Paul Blaquiere <japester@q-net.net.au> writes:

> > On Dec 09, Mikolaj J. Habryn scrawled :
> >   As an additional data point, 2.1 kernels cannot be rebooted
> > succesfully either. On my miata, a warm reboot causes the kernel to
> > sit for quite a while at the calculating bogomips stage. From memory
> > (although it's a long time since I waited for it), it does eventually
> > progress, only to die on something like SCSI or serial probes.
> > 
> interesting.  i have been  running 2.1.119 quite happily for a while now,
> and it reboots with no problems. (warm or cold) this on an AS255/233 (avanti)

On my Rufian, reboot and halt both do a reboot, but both do a full
reset. After that its just like I pressed reset or like if I turned on 
the power.

May the Source be with you.

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