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Re: egcs on alpha

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Lonnie Sauter wrote:

> Thanks for the info!!  I am glad I did not put more time into getting it to
> compile.

Believe me, I tried ages ago to get gcc to compile again, but it was
futile.  Even Richard was like "give up...it's not worth it".

> I was not using any optimisation.  I did use gdb to track things down.  The
> program was segfaulting in malloc().  I will try the above flags your mentioned
> and see if that helps.

Most likely, -mieee won't help if it's a malloc() problem.  I'm thinking
that malloc() is being called improperly somehow (I think this because
I've done it myself and had a bear of a time figuring it out).  I have
heard of a malloc() problem or two with glibc, but nothing that didn't
turn out to be syntax-related.  Hmmm...

> Thank you for your help!!  I will try the things you suggested.  If I cannot
> figure it out I may send the source to you and/or the egcs team.

Yeah, actually, send me the code anyway.  I'd like to see what's going on
with that here.  I pretty much know egcs command line options like the
back of my hand now so maybe I can try a few things that most people never
use or think of.


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