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Re: dpkg/lchown and 2.0.3[0-4] kernels

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Nikhil Nair wrote:

> I've stumbled across the dpkg-lchown problem that people have been talking
> about here.  I'm using a 2.0.30+patches kernel I compiled over a year ago,
> but am quite happy to upgrade as far as 2.0.34; however, I have a problem
> with 2.0.35: my Braille display driver (a user-level program) uses console
> sound to make some beeps, and under 2.0.35 the beeps don't stop but
> continue ad infinitum ... which is rather annoying.

I do have a tarball of dpkg built without lchown() support on beezer if
you need it.  It's current (.31) and should work fine until we can hunt
down the patches for the kernel and send them to you.  I don't think
they're version-dependent so you could probably patch your favourite
kernel revision and recompile.


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