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Jensen Installation

Colin DuPlantis writes:
 > Thanks Peter and Martin for the help.  /dev/sda3 was the correct partition for
 > me, and my boot reached a new highwater mark.  It now ends its life at:
 > ...
 > 1) During "Install Operating System Kernel and Modules", an error message was
 > displayed when I inserted the Jensen rescue and Jensen drivers disks.  The error
 > indicated that the system was trying to mount a non-msdos disk as msdos.  I had
 > created the disks using "dd if=foo of=/dev/fd0 bs=18k" on another Linux system.
 > I instead copied the contents of the rescue and drivers disk to msdos disks and
 > tried again.  There was no complaint this time.

There maybe a confusing warning message because the install programs
try to mount a msdos filesystem first and if that fails tries with
ext2. But that should not prevent the install to go on.


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