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Re: Hows Alphadebian doing?


I don't really want to use another distribution or operating system on my
alpha. But at the moment it's not okay for me...

there is no stable debian cd which boots correctly. The installation disks
are only avialable for some webpage and not from the debian mirrors...

and you have to do many things... looks very alpha (not the processor ;) )

ARC console doesn't seem very good supported at the moment... and the whole
installation procedure seems to be very unstable..

And there is not much traffic on this mailing list...

If I have missed something please _tell_ me and I'll help the deibna-alpha
project as much as I can... But at the moment I'm not able to see someone
working on it!! (???) why???


On Thu, Dec 31, 1998 at 01:10:09PM -0500, Peter Petrakis wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> 	Just a couple  questions and maybe you could help out the axp-list
> alittle too. Is Debian sutible for a normal user performing the
> installtion? What i mean is will I have to jump through hoops to install
> it? When do you guys expect to release it I'm anxious to try something
> different? Lastly while not debian related it is related to Alpha.
> Anyone here had any success with the dev kernels 2.1.131 and up? Alot of
> people are able to build them but they hang on boot just as milo is
> about to jump to the kernel. Has anyone here had this problem specificly
> on a 533LX (Durango II)? Thanks for your time.
> Alpha Powered,
> Peter Petrakis
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> http://math.stcc.mass.edu/petrakis
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