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Re: partition counting for Alpha

David Frey writes:
 > > > Yes.  SUN, BSD, Digital UNIX use different partitioning scheme that
 > > > allows for 8 partitions. 
 > I'm currently stuck with the following problem and I'm running out of
 > ideas. I'd appreciate any helpful responses.
 > When I normally partition a disk, I only can boot via MILO on a boot 
 > floppy.
 > When I install a kernel via rawboot/aboot I'm able to boot correctly
 > but destroy the partition table.

You can install MILO via rawboot/aboot, if you install the kernel
directly without going through MILO, the kernel need to be compiled
differently (with CONFIG_ALPHA_SRM enabled)

 > When I partition the disk with BSDs disklabel, I can't mke2fs the 
 > partition.

If your disk has previously been partitioned in a PC-standard (in
particular NT) manner, you may need to zero out the master boot record
before switching to BSD disklabel (because the old info is not erased, 
and the kernel might find it before testing for the BSD disklabel).

Also I guess you are aware you can change the partitioning only when
booting from the rescue disk, if not you need to reboot for the kerel
to take into account the change.

 > I'm particularly interested how to mke2fs a BSD partitioned disk.

dd bs=512 count=1 < /dev/zero > /dev/harddisk
fdisk -> BSD label
mke2fs ...


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