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981115 jensen/resc1440.bin image bad?

Hello.  I'm a devoted Debian i386 user who recently came into
possession of an old AXP 150 machine.  I'm trying to install Debian on 
the darn thing, but I'm running into problems.

I downloaded the 981115 root and base disks from here:


and I got the jensen/ rescue and driver disks.

I set up a boot option per this README:


using step 2b for ARC systems.

However, I never get to the MILO prompt -- I get a "File system not
recognized" error.

Of course, I double-checked the diskette, and used fresh ones, and
tried a different diskette, but no luck.  I also re-downloaded the
jensen/resc1440.bin file.

I can't read the diskette under Linux (i386) or Windows, so my only
conclusion is that the disk image is bad.  Any confirmation/denial on



Additional background: my boot option set up looks like this:


The only thing that looks fishy to me is the OSLOADFILENAME.  The
README says to use "milo", but the ARC setup put in the "\".  I'm
guessing that it doesn't need the eisa(0)disk(0)fdisk(0) part in
there -- am I wrong?

The system boots Windows NT just fine, and can read/write the floppy
disk drive OK.

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