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Re: Package installation can't chown symlinks?

On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, James Carlson wrote:

> Same deal with ncurses-base_4.2-3.deb.  How is dpkg changing ownership, not with
> chown?  I ran dpkg -D300 on the file by hand, and watched
> D000100: tarobject SymbolicLink creating
> dpkg: error processing findutils_4.1-32.deb (--unpack):
>  error setting ownership of symlink... blah blah as above.
> Tips?  Clues?

This is a known "problem".  If you're running a stock kernel (before
2.0.36, which I believe is patched now), it lacks the proper return value
when lchown() is called (dpkg uses lchown() now...and glibc supports it
now).  Older kernels lacked the correct return value when lchown()
(previously unsupported in 2.0.x kernels) was called.

There's a patch for the kernel on the mailing list archives which solves
the problem.  If I had it local, I'd send it to you (sorry :().


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