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Re: nonus & Alpha

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, John Goerzen wrote:

> 1. There is no binary-alpha in potato

I noticed this the other day and started compiling stuff in nonus for us
(stuff that WAS there, but is lost in space now).  I then noticed that
Incoming on nonus is read-only (does this make sense?)....so now I can't
even upload the six or seven packages that I've finished so far.

> 3. slink/binary-alpha in non-us lacks a lot of packages that are on
>    slink/binary-i386!

Very true.  Does anyone know who's taking care of nonus now?

> I think that our diff ought to check non-US too.

Agreed.  It should also check contrib and non-free since we have NO idea
what's been done there yet. I was tempted to run quinn-diff on those dirs
just to find out, but haven't had the time yet (too busy with binutils


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