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Re: Gnome isn't building

On Mon, Dec 21, 1998 at 07:53:23PM +0100, Paul Slootman wrote:

> I had 600MB assigned to /, but I've now moved /usr/lib off to a
> subdirectory of /usr/local to make room. I now have 260MB under
> /usr/lib, and 470MB on /.  I think I'll ask for a larger disk for
> Christmas :-)


I just re-shuffled my disks and gave myself 2 gig for /usr.  (Or was it 2.5
gig?  I forget.)  It's about 55% full IIRC.

> BTW, now I have your attention: I did an NMU of idled a loong time ago.
> According to the BTS you're the maintianer. Maybe you could do a
> maintainer upload sometime?

Well, there's no other bug pending, the package is not being upodated
upstream, there now exist better packages for that purpose, so I'm not
really sure what the point of another upload is, esp. since it wasn't really
a big deal anyway.


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