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Is there a problem with 981115/root1440.bin? I can't find /dev/scd0.

Peter Mott writes:
 > Loic,
 > Trying to use http://lhpca.univ-lyon1.fr/axp/bf981115/root1440.bin, dinstall is unable to mount my SCSI CDROM. I tried to mount it by hand but could not find '/dev/scd0', which I believe is a problem. 

Ok, I will correct that in the next set (currently the disks that I
used to store the archive has melted, so I will not be able to do it 
before one week).

You can workaround this by creating the /dev/scd0 device manually in a 
shell (either switch to the second virtual console, or select the
shell entry), with:
 mknod /dev/scd0 b 11 0


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