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Re: Booting problem

>>>>> "JG" == John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

    JG> Hi, This is an odd problem.  I have a PC164LX motherboard with
    JG> the "graphical" BIOS (menus and stuff.)

  ARC console, for future reference.

    JG> I end up having to hit ctrl-alt-del, pressing the key to
    JG> interrupt the boot sequence, and type "boot
    JG> sdb2:vmlinuz-2.0.35 root=/dev/sdb2" which works.  I tried
    JG> setting the environment variables in MILO but it ignored them
    JG> after a reboot.  I have found no place where the root
    JG> partition is mentioned (obviously it's getting this wrong
    JG> someplace).

  Remember the place where you changed the setup to boot from sdb1?
There were four (I think) fields in that setup section. The final one
was arguments to pass to MILO - it's probably currently set to 'boot
sdb2:vmlinuz-2.0.35' or something. Just type in the full commandline
that you use to get it to boot.

  The other way is to use rdev, or at least it would be if we had it,
but we don't appear to. I assume it doesn't work on alpha kernels...?


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