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Re: #ifdef ALPHA?

On Sat, 5 Dec 1998, Bob McElrath wrote:

> I think this is a bug.  GCC should define __alpha__ (note __ *following* the
> alpha) not __alpha.  Imake, for instance, has __alpha in various places in
> its scripts, and is broken as a result.
> The kernel uses:
> #ifdef __alpha__
> successfully in a couple of places.

Both should be defined.  __alpha is defined by the DEC compiler, if I
remember right, so we should be able to catch that too.  The patches that
were given to the egcs maintainer for Alpha define both __alpha and
__alpha__ so both should show and be caught.  I personally prefer to use
__alpha since alot of our changes could apply to DEC Unix as well.


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