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Re: dpkg problems. Am I alone?

Christopher C Chimelis writes:
 > On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Marc Singer wrote:
 > > I wonder if this is moot.  Since I got the correct kernel/dpkg/libc
 > > combo, it works fine.  Perhaps it is better to publish new boot disks
 > > than to patch dpkg.  Just a thought.
 > I believe the boot disks are up to the current glibc, but the kernels that
 > most people seem to be using are unpatched.  I'm wondering if we should
 > make that part of any install/user docs in gigantic bold letters -- use
 > patched kernels.  Can someone verify that the current install kernel
 > images are patched already?  I couldn't keep my second UDB up long enough
 > to test dpkg out very well.  It seemed to work, but obviously others'
 > mileage varied :-P

I'm booting the 2.0.35 kernel from the avanti boot disk (just dd'd the 
bootdisk to my boot partition) and have the dpkg problems. So either
the kernel is wrong/unpatched or there is some other problem.

Also, I found that milo 2.1.13 (the newest I found) wouldn't even
compile so I had no chance to try a newer kernel yet.
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