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Re: Gnome problem being fixed

On Sat 19 Dec 1998, John Goerzen wrote:

> FYI, I'm making Alpha binary-only NMUs to fix the gnome problems.  The
> problems are in both slink and potato.

Make sure that the changes file reads "frozen unstable" for the dist.,
else it will only go into potato (this has happened to a number of
packages already...)

> My question is: how could this have happened?  (We have lots of gnome stuff
> linked against libraries not in the dist)

The lib packages are changed so that they don't create that specific
.deb anymore, but the package which use those libs are recompiled
before the libs package... or the porter simply didn't have his libs up
to date when building.

BTW, if you're posting a couple of messages about the same basic
subject, please reply to the previous one! That way the messages
get threaded together, and I wouldn't have needed to send my previous
message (which was basically superseded by your message I'm replying to

Paul Slootman
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