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On Sunday, 13 Dec, John Goerzen wrote:
> Hi,
> I saw a message on here lately about a new MILO.  However, there's no milo
> package in Debian for Alpha.  Why's that?

Lack of time, I believe.  Besides, having MILO as a package is not
really important: it's on the installation disks and should be installed
during initial system setup.  Though a package would be nice.  I think
I'll do it eventually, when I just have time to.

> The mailing list archives don't seem to be working, so I can't find where
> this new milo is.  Where can I find it?

There are two new MILOs: one on gatekeeper.dec.com under
/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/Kernels, the other one at
ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/milo.  In my opinion, the latter is better
(more features, less bugs) and in some sense "newer", but that's only
because I haven't got enough complaints.  Most people, having tried MILO
from genie and failed, seem to silently revert to gatekeeper.


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