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glibc 2.0.7v-1 (source package) issues with alpha

If someone is intending to compile this for alpha, please wait for glibc 2.0.7v-2, which should actually build correctly on alpha (I think).

I don't know if Dale's packaging worked unchanged on alpha, but I intend mine to. Other changes I made to help the alpha port include the new glibc-doc package, I don't know if any alpha folks ever complained about the old libc6-doc package, but I don't see how it could have worked entirely correctly on alpha.

Also, I have a mail alias set up as maintainer address (glibc-maint@debian.org), if someone wants to represent alpha on the alias, please let me know.

Oh, and someone send me the chown patch, I have decided to add the one the m68k folks want, so I may as well add the alpha one.
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