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lchown/dpkg was dead, but I killed it again!


I've been having this lchown/chown problem which, thanks to my thick
skull, I didn't read about in the list archives due to a stray neuron
blowing out causing me to forget that they existed.  So now I've read
all the stuff that pertains, and I think this is what I've done to
unwittingly completely mess things up for myself:

I installed the redhat glibc (trying to get mysql to work properly.)
Stupid, stupid.  Anyway, now dpkg doesn't work due to the chown
problem.  Luckily, I can't use dpkg to replace the bad, bad redhat glibc
with the good, good debian one.  I've been digging for the kernel patch
that I need, and not finding that.  What I need here is a plan for
extracting the rock from the hard place into which I have so firmly
driven it.

James S. Carlson   --   james.carlson@mandelcompany.com   --
414-271-6970 x510
Management Information Systems Administrator
The Mandel Company

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